Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bernardo Mountain, before and after

It's amazing how much a year can change a landscape. Last July, we biked up the peak of Bernardo Mountain for the first time. Aside from the incredible view, one of the more memorable parts of the ride was a gully set between two stands of trees, creating a tunnel for us to ride though.

When we returned today to ride the trail again, the tunnel had disappeared. Last fall's fires had bunt the trees to cinders (even the stones looked flame-kissed), and the following rains turned the gully into a treacherous crevasse. The whole trail had to be rerouted, lest the hillside erode even more.

Still, there was a stark, post-apocalyptic beauty to the landscape. Grasses and flowers were taking advantage of the water and additional sunlight, adding green, purple, and yellow to the area's red and black palette. From the higher points on the mountain, one could see houses being rebuilt. Life returns to San Diego.

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