Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daytime TV (and other mind rot)

As I currently find the thought of going back into the classroom terrifying and repellent, I have instead applied for several temp jobs at the university. Carpooling with R again would be really nice. The university jobs website even has an online application status indicator, to feed my constant need to know whether or not anyone is actually looking at my job application. (Look at my application, damn you!) However, as the job postings don't close for another week, I am likely to be a homebody for a little while longer. Here is where we segue into daytime TV.

I've always wondered how so many people can spend themselves into massive debt. Watching the commercials on daytime TV, however, I think I've found a contributing factor. There is so much useless shit out there designed to solve nonexistent problems and someone must be buying it. I mean, really, cooking pasta is not so much of a momentous challenge that you need a special container for it. Nor is your dog suffering from you clipping its nails (unless you really suck), so forget about the doggy pedicure device.

The really sad thing, though? I'm pretty sure my dad would buy some of this stuff.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My latest craziness

I've cut myself off of alcohol and painkillers. I didn't use either much, but now I have a persistent headache and keep thinking about having a drink.

Needing to get moving on the whole employment situation, I started looking at substitute teacher applications. However, the thought of returning to the classroom left me anxious, so I applied to some jobs in Washington for Rich (with his approval, of course).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Honeymoon musings

There are deterministic, Euro-centric messages at Disney World. I didn't notice this to be a large problem, but it was disturbing nonetheless. Two rides specifically caught my eye: Splash Mountain and It's a Small World.

Now, I'm sure I'm probably not the first person to notice this, but at the end of the ride, when all of the kids of all the nationalities sing together, they're all dressed in white. Only by whitening can everyone come together in peace and harmony. Unsettling, perhaps?

Splash Mountain, though, is the ride with the most palpably creepy dialogue. At the end of the ride, after Brer Rabbit saves himself by tricking Brer Fox into dumping him back into the brier patch he had been trying to escape in the first place, you find Brer Rabbit and the bluebird sitting on the porch of Brer Rabbit's house. Among other things in the sequence of dialogue, the bluebird says (in a very condescending voice), "The brier patch is where you were born, and the brier patch is where you'll stay!" Apparently wanting to explore and move up in life is not a Disney virtue.

... If this is what I think of in Disney World, I think it means I need to get out more. I must have no life.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The triumphant return

Well, perhaps that is a bit of an overstatement. Perhaps it would me more accurate to say "Staggering back to the blogosphere," as after returning home late Thursday night, R and I were then felled by the same cold and have been laying around the house ever since. I got up the energy to make a delicious soup we first sampled on our honeymoon, but not much has been going on otherwise. There is something about sickness that just turns me into a whimpering lump. I'm fine with injuries, but, due to a tendency to only get really sick, I cave to the slightest sore throat.

Anyway, the honeymoon was awesome, but I'm a bit too tired to go into much detail at the moment. Having never been to the southern portion of the country, the cultural differences certainly stood out. Every restaurant and fast food stand seemed to have pulled pork sandwiches. There was plenty of "high, hard hair" (as I have heard it previously described), large bodies, and more tube tops than one should in the course of a year. Everyone seemed to have some sort of accent. Most importantly, everyone was really nice and seemed genuinely friendly. A nice place, though incredibly humid. The camera even fogged up!

(That would be me up there on the balcony, in the pink t-shirt.)

One of our biggest fears when scheduling the honeymoon was hurricanes. Lucky for us, both avoided our area and we only had a couple days of rain to deal with. Of course, thanks to the Internet, one's friends tend to be located in diverse areas, and what seems like a lucky break for you (such as a hurricane not hitting Florida) may not be so lucky for them (the hurricane instead hits Texas). So whether you just missed the hurricane, helped out the evacuees, had to deal with associated weather, or survived the hurricane itself, I'm glad everyone out there seems to be in one piece.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wedding pictures #3

On to the party!

My brain coral cake (as I had previously described it).



Ritual feeding.

First dance (to Amazing, by Aerosmith).

Me and my papa.

That's it for now. See you when we get back!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Wedding pictures #2

On with the show! Or, well, ceremony. Much obliged to the friend of mine who took these pictures.



And here we go!

In case you can't tell, it was really bright up there. Poor R could hardly see anything. I was but I silhouette against a blinding background.

Moment of truth here. Does it fit?

Aww, we're so happy. I really was just overjoyed throughout the wedding. It all felt so right. There was definitely crying from other parties standing up there, but aside from one little choke, I didn't notice.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wedding pictures #1

I'm off on vacation right now and won't have Internet access, seeing as it cost $10 a day at our hotel. I may be an Internet junkie, but I can make it 10 days without at that price.

In any case, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to take advantage of Blogger's post scheduling abilities and share some wedding pictures. Here is a bit of the pre-show.

My good friend S and me, studiously avoiding the camera while making the bouquets.
My sister's hair, mid-do. They teased up the middle, but it worked out in the end.