Sunday, September 21, 2008

Honeymoon musings

There are deterministic, Euro-centric messages at Disney World. I didn't notice this to be a large problem, but it was disturbing nonetheless. Two rides specifically caught my eye: Splash Mountain and It's a Small World.

Now, I'm sure I'm probably not the first person to notice this, but at the end of the ride, when all of the kids of all the nationalities sing together, they're all dressed in white. Only by whitening can everyone come together in peace and harmony. Unsettling, perhaps?

Splash Mountain, though, is the ride with the most palpably creepy dialogue. At the end of the ride, after Brer Rabbit saves himself by tricking Brer Fox into dumping him back into the brier patch he had been trying to escape in the first place, you find Brer Rabbit and the bluebird sitting on the porch of Brer Rabbit's house. Among other things in the sequence of dialogue, the bluebird says (in a very condescending voice), "The brier patch is where you were born, and the brier patch is where you'll stay!" Apparently wanting to explore and move up in life is not a Disney virtue.

... If this is what I think of in Disney World, I think it means I need to get out more. I must have no life.


Rachel said...

Hooray for honeymoon musings! I'm glad you had a good time.

(And welcome back! The redesign looks incredible!)

Teacher Anonymous said...

Thanks. I've been afraid that the red and black might be a little too dramatic.