Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My latest craziness

I've cut myself off of alcohol and painkillers. I didn't use either much, but now I have a persistent headache and keep thinking about having a drink.

Needing to get moving on the whole employment situation, I started looking at substitute teacher applications. However, the thought of returning to the classroom left me anxious, so I applied to some jobs in Washington for Rich (with his approval, of course).


Anonymous said...

What about tutoring? Money is under the table and you get to pick your clients (ie you can decide to not work with bratty kids). Lots of kids are doing terribly in HS science these days because their foundation in the basics is shaky at best because of lack of science in elementary school. Some San Diego mommy is going to want their high school sophomore to get an A in chemistry so they can go to Yale.


Teacher Anonymous said...

Good idea. I think I might try temp jobs, though, as I prefer to work during normal business hours.