Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daytime TV (and other mind rot)

As I currently find the thought of going back into the classroom terrifying and repellent, I have instead applied for several temp jobs at the university. Carpooling with R again would be really nice. The university jobs website even has an online application status indicator, to feed my constant need to know whether or not anyone is actually looking at my job application. (Look at my application, damn you!) However, as the job postings don't close for another week, I am likely to be a homebody for a little while longer. Here is where we segue into daytime TV.

I've always wondered how so many people can spend themselves into massive debt. Watching the commercials on daytime TV, however, I think I've found a contributing factor. There is so much useless shit out there designed to solve nonexistent problems and someone must be buying it. I mean, really, cooking pasta is not so much of a momentous challenge that you need a special container for it. Nor is your dog suffering from you clipping its nails (unless you really suck), so forget about the doggy pedicure device.

The really sad thing, though? I'm pretty sure my dad would buy some of this stuff.


Anonymous said...

Haha my favorite is the pads you slap on the soles of your feet and they "absorb" all the toxins from your body. I had no idea it was -that- simple to detox... where the heck have I been? :P


moonbirdliz said...

you're absolutely right, and so damn funny...
i miss you, too!!! yes, i'm coming tomorrow. i miss my girls. can't wait. love you!!!