Monday, September 15, 2008

The triumphant return

Well, perhaps that is a bit of an overstatement. Perhaps it would me more accurate to say "Staggering back to the blogosphere," as after returning home late Thursday night, R and I were then felled by the same cold and have been laying around the house ever since. I got up the energy to make a delicious soup we first sampled on our honeymoon, but not much has been going on otherwise. There is something about sickness that just turns me into a whimpering lump. I'm fine with injuries, but, due to a tendency to only get really sick, I cave to the slightest sore throat.

Anyway, the honeymoon was awesome, but I'm a bit too tired to go into much detail at the moment. Having never been to the southern portion of the country, the cultural differences certainly stood out. Every restaurant and fast food stand seemed to have pulled pork sandwiches. There was plenty of "high, hard hair" (as I have heard it previously described), large bodies, and more tube tops than one should in the course of a year. Everyone seemed to have some sort of accent. Most importantly, everyone was really nice and seemed genuinely friendly. A nice place, though incredibly humid. The camera even fogged up!

(That would be me up there on the balcony, in the pink t-shirt.)

One of our biggest fears when scheduling the honeymoon was hurricanes. Lucky for us, both avoided our area and we only had a couple days of rain to deal with. Of course, thanks to the Internet, one's friends tend to be located in diverse areas, and what seems like a lucky break for you (such as a hurricane not hitting Florida) may not be so lucky for them (the hurricane instead hits Texas). So whether you just missed the hurricane, helped out the evacuees, had to deal with associated weather, or survived the hurricane itself, I'm glad everyone out there seems to be in one piece.


alyndabear said...

Welcome home! It sure was hot down south, wasn't it? ;-)

So glad you had a good honeymoon and missed the hurricanes. There really is no win/win on them, is there?

Anonymous said...

Welcome home MRS. A! I'm glad the honeymoon was a blast. Your thoughts about Florida are right on... now you know why I laugh every time I'm headed to "heaven's waiting room." Good thing you didn't go to the beach. That's where you find more than enough 75-year-olds wearing bikinis and speedos.


Geggie said...

Congratulations! Welcome home.

Teacher Anonymous said...

Thanks all!