Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still talking about the weather

Apparently that is what this blog has been reduced to. In all fairness, though, rain is newsworthy in San Diego. Thanks to the poorly maintained roads and bad drivers, the sheer number of flooded streets and crashes tends to make headlines.

In typical San Diego fashion, Monday's rain was followed by a very sunny Tuesday, as it can't rain two days in a row here. It poured again today, but it looks to be getting back to normal for our Christmas visitors. However, nature has left a little gift in the mountains - snow! Totally going snowboarding this weekend.

Really, though, it hasn't been all work and contemplating the weather lately. There has been some cooking going on as well. Today I made teriyaki chicken from scratch, which was super easy and much tastier than the stuff from a bottle. I've also cooked up various winter treats, but I'll have to share the recipes later, as I want the treats themselves to remain a surprise.

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