Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nice Things Friday

Friday was a very nice day.

After bugging the tech guy off and on for about a week, Friday morning he finally came over to try and put the more current version of a program on my computer. I had work to do, but could not access our files with my older version of the program. The tech guy tries to install the program, but it won't run on Windows 2000. So, he disappears into his office, and comes back with a brand new computer. Brand spanking new, with the Windows 7 beta on it. As it turns out, the new monitor they had ordered for me had arrived that morning, so in a short amount of time I wound up with a nice new computer setup. It is all very sleek (and Windows 7 seems pretty cool).

On my way home, I decided to drop by this little grocery store (North Park Produce, for those of you in the area). Ever since we moved, I had been eyeing it pretty every time I drove past, and hearing someone on the radio rave about the freshness and cheapness of the produce finally pushed me to go in. Well, it turns out the store is not as small as it looks on the outside, and the produce section is massive! Everything you could look for, and cheap too. I bought a bunch of radishes, a head of lettuce, two mangos, a pound of beets, and some persian cucumbers for $4.20! I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to go crazy and buy everything, but they had so much cool stuff, like quince, tamarinds, raw almonds, huge stalks of lemongrass, several varieties of cucumber... I could go on and on. I only glanced at the deli and non-perishable sections of the store. R and I will have to go back and explore further next time the fridge is empty.

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