Friday, January 08, 2010

Cute baby!

Managed to create a little scene in Costco today. The baby was great, it was the people around us who were behaving oddly. Apparently the Friday lunchtime crowd reacts strongly to the phrase "cute baby." First the cashier and bagger (boxer?) were cooing over the baby, then the employee from the next line came over, then another customer. Suddenly we were in the middle of this mass of women. Some of them were poking at her and grabbing her feet. It was a bit intimidating. The one of the customers walked out of Costco at the same time as us and kept pointing out the baby to all the employees she passed.

Still, beats what happened when we went to Costco on vacation (yes, we went to Costco while on vacation, in two different cities even). This woman in one of those rascal scooter carts asked if she could see my baby. I lowered the baby down a little so that she could get a closer look (you know, being in a wheelchair and lower to the ground) and she reached out her arms as if to grab my baby. I stiffened up a little and pulled her closer, but there was definitely some baby fondling. Had the lady looked in my face, I'm sure my expression of horror would have clearly conveyed my thoughts at that moment. What the hell? Are you in elementary school? Look with your eyes!

Gah. Boundaries, people!

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