Monday, October 13, 2008

Entertainment for the unemployed

What is free, cleans the house, might even make you money, and provides hours of entertainment?


Yes, I've discovered the joy that is selling my possessions to other people. I've been (and still will be) dropping off loads at the Good Will stop by my house, but it is nice to get a little money from some of the clutter we've accumulated over the years. It will be nice to only have one fondue pot again.

In cooking news, I made bacon and leek risotto. Nice, but I don't know if it needs to actually go in the cookbook, as, once you get a hang of the basic risotto formula, this is a simple variation.


adolfo said...

The maximum benefits through the DUA program are $498/week for an applicant with a dependent child, $436/week for an applicant with a dependent spouse.

Teacher Anonymous said...

Thanks, but I thought it best to leave unemployment assistance to people who have trouble making their rent and putting food on the table. Plus, they would probably want to know why I wasn't using my teaching credential to get sub jobs.

Of course, now I've got a job, so all is good. Yay!