Friday, January 09, 2009

The doughnut touch

Donut Touch, being the name of our local purveyor of doughnuts, is a phrase that has inspired lingering debate. Is it a suggestion? A bad pun? Or perhaps something unpleasant you doctor might do to you, as my husband suspects. ("Turn and cough... Okay, now for the donut touch.") Maybe it is just an indication of poor English skills.

In any case, I decided the last day of winter break needed something special, which this time meant a touch of doughnut making. The recipe I wound up using tasted just like professionally made doughnuts, though it made about twice as many as the three of us here could put away.

Next time, I think I'll just be making doughnut holes, as they were the clear favorite. This will also allow me to use my deep fryer, which makes cooking in oil much less scary. (Yes, I own a deep fryer. Just don't tell my doctor.)

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