Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally using up the spices

If you're like me, you probably couldn't resist buying a few of those large containers of spices from Costco. I've had massive containers of garlic and onion powder for years, though I can't bear to throw them out, mostly full as they are. I've also got some heirloom chili powder. Not heirloom in the sense that it uses heirloom pepper varietals, but heirloom in the fact that my step mom gave it to me from her collection when I got my first apartment, and it wasn't new then. The stuff is probably ten years old. I just can't use it up fast enough.

I couldn't, anyway, until I found a recipe for making taco seasoning. Now, instead of buying expensive little packets of taco spice mix to season meat for nachos and taco salads, I'm able to use up some of my own bloated collection (and also save some money). It makes me feel very practical.


Anonymous said...

Haha, note to self: don't send A crushed dried chilis from my garden this summer.


Teacher Anonymous said...

No, no. I'm making good progress on the backlog. Plus, chili powder is different from dried crushed chilis. You know I love anything you send. :)