Monday, May 24, 2010

Of bikes and diapers

Recently got to go mountain biking for the first time in... oh, about a year and a half. The ascent totally kicked my ass, as I haven't done anything more vigorous than a brisk walk since my last bike ride, but the ride was so much fun! From the top of the hill we could see the ocean to the west and various hills to the southeast (some of which we've also ridden to the top of). The descent was long and rolling, which is definitely the best kind. Makes all the work to get to the top seem worth it when you've got a fun descent.

We followed that ride up with a second the following weekend. With all the gear we had to pack, for ourselves and for the baby, it was probably inevitable that we would forget something. This time, it was the diaper bag. D'oh! A quick run over to the grocery store for disposables solved that problem.

I think I felt slightly less silly buying the diapers since, just recently, we switched to disposables at night. We'd only used cloth since using up the initial pack of diapers the hospital gave us. It was amazing how the smell of the disposables brought back memories of that time. Back then, she was such a teeny little thing, a tiny baby burrito, who just ate and slept. Now she's this mobile, babbling creature. Who just removed two of my earrings.


Breathe Gently said...

Great that you are getting back into it again. How is your little one doing? :)

Teacher Anonymous said...

Yeah. Definitely a bad case of blog ennui. Signing on to my blogger account was just too much effort for a while there.

The little one is just getting more and more interesting. She's got two little bottom teeth now and seems to be working on a few more. She babbles a lot, mostly in a high baby voice, but she also uses this low, gravely voice that makes her sound possessed.