Thursday, October 26, 2006

A trouser tragedy

So, in my section for the tutoring class they recently brought up appropriate dress. Apparently, there have been some complaints, but luckily not about our section, which is entirely science people. The problem is probably one of those English hoochies. Anyway, following this discussion I actually make an effort to dress nicely the next day. I put on my one pair of trousers (my "grown up" pants, also known as the pants of authority), and, what do you know, they no longer fit. Apparently my new exercise regime has done some good, as the pants have a ferocious gap in the back. As nice as that news is, it also means that, unfortunately, I need new pants. Considering how hard it was to find these pants in the first place, I think I'm totally screwed. I'm so envious of the other people in the program that spent years in the real world before deciding to become teachers. They already have nice wardrobes, whereas I'm essentially starting from scratch.


Anna said...

So, your first question may be, why is Anna reading this far into my blog? My answer would be that I am not in school and have nothing better to do. And I also might add that it was linked from a more recent blog.
That being said I have a question for you. Am I one of the "English hussies" you describe? Or is that Lizzie. Nice little conumdrum you've crept into.

Teacher Anonymous said...

Heh. No, you two are always dressed very nicely. We just blamed "those English hussies" in my section since our TA told us that we wern't the problem and we figured that the math people probably wern't either.

Teacher Jane said...

On one of my first days of school, I had to attend a meeting in the Math department. The woman in charge (a Math teacher) was seated next to me. About halfway through the meeting, her attention was caught by something on the floor near my feet. I, too, looked down. When I didn't see anything, I asked her what she was looking at. She laughed and said, "Well, it's just that you're the first English teacher I've seen wearing sensible shoes!"

As much as I hate to say it, some of the English "hussies" have come by their reputation honestly. And, also? I feel your pain on the wardrobe building thing. Getting a Real Job is expensive.