Friday, October 06, 2006

A word of apology to my intestines

Hey guys!
Thanks for getting back to normal. I was getting worried about you for a bit there, after the weeks of pain and... Other symptoms. I figured I'd wait until the school year was going a bit more smoothly, since I know stress has always made you crazy. I'm sorry going back to school this year has been so hard on you; it's been hard on me too, you know. Being nervous about whether or not I want to go into teaching (and professional kid wrangling), the initial shock upon encountering the really rambunctious class I've been assigned to tutor, the quiet glee emanating from the lady up North every time I have a negative experience in this program (aren't parents supposed to be supportive?)... It's just been a bit much. I'm sorry, and I'm glad we're friends again. Life is so much better when you're doing your job.


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