Tuesday, June 03, 2008

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... presents?

Well, I suppose technically the order is love, engagement, presents, then marriage.

Anyway, our first wedding present was just delivered. R and I noticed a couple of weeks back that a few items had been purchased from our registry. Hey, they like us! We then tried to figure out if the items would be shipped immediately, or if the store would wait until closer to the date. Apparently the answer is immediately, so now we're got a cool (and rather large) mirror sitting in our living room.

Of course, ever since we found out that people were actually buying us stuff I've been obsessively watching the registry. Slightly crazy, no?

In other wedding news, I've started the search for a cake server. You wouldn't think this would be challenging, but have you ever looked at the ones they offer? Hideous! Crystal handles, rhinestones, pearls, hearts, Disney characters, bad jokes... What are people thinking?

I'll probably wind up with one of these server sets, but they still have a little too much engraving for my taste.

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