Sunday, February 15, 2009

...and we're back

It is amazing how much the lack of internet feels like losing a limb. There is this part of your life that you normally take for granted, but without which you feel totally off balance. Maybe it's just me. We wound up having to go almost an extra week, due to stupidity on the part of or cable company. They wound up switching our service from fiber to dsl without telling us, but then the phone lines at our new place were having issues. It wound up being faster for us to switch to cable, rather than wait for them to figure out what the problem was with the dsl.

The new place is really starting to feel like home. The transition happened pretty fast, with the exception of today, when I had a brief relapse. Last night, we tried the washing machine for the first time, only to find out that the thing has a serious leak. Many towels (and a bucket downstairs) later, I started to freak out a bit about our decision to move here. This place is defective. What have we gotten ourselves into? The sentiment was enhanced by the numerous small defects that one notices only after moving in. All the blinds are damaged in some way, the garage door locks of its own accord (locking us out with no keys the second night we moved here), the oven smells of gas when turned on. The landlady responded to my e-mail for repairs quickly, though, so I think this place will work out.

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