Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The pudge

I know I'm pregnant, but I'm becoming slightly paranoid about getting fat. Sure, I'm supposed to gain weight, but not too much weight. Anything extra you have to work of afterwards. In truth, I think my biggest fear is winding up looking like my grandmother and getting Type II diabetes. I'm shaped the same way she was when she was younger, so I'm probably inclined that way.

This has all been brought on by my increased gut size. I think it will be better when my belly actually looks like a pregnant belly, rather than food storage. R thinks I'm being paranoid, and that I'm not actually eating as much more than normal as I think I am. He pointed out that I'm not eating all the time, so I'm not on course to obesity. He's probably right. I'm just eating a morning snack and sometimes an extra piece of fruit at lunch. I just feel extra hungry.

This morning, however, my "fat" jeans (I accidentally bought them a size to large on e-bay) feel rather tight around the belly. Admittedly, they're fresh from the dryer and this is the first time I've had clean jeans in almost a month, so I'm used to them being somewhat stretched out. Still, I've had to unbutton the top button to be able to sit comfortably at work. Looks like I'll be shopping for comfy pants this afternoon.

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