Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Growing Challenge #5: Peepers

Just as they said on the package, the peppers took a full two weeks to germinate. Look! There they are between the tomatoes. I'm sure the cold garage floor didn't help them along, but I'm sure they'll be fine now, what with the grow lamp I am borrowing from my school. The tomatoes appear to be thriving.

On the outdoor plant front, the radishes are coming along nicely. On Wednesday I planted another row of them, so that I'll have a nice staggered crop. Still no sign on cucumbers, however, so I'm thinking I might just start a few indoors. Better safe than sorry, after all, and I would be sorry if I didn't get any cucumbers this year.


Anonymous said...

You should be proud of me... I taught a science lesson today about food chains and I brought in compost!! The kids were enthralled and grossed out by the worms... they couldn't stop looking, no matter how many times they said "eeew." It was hilarious. I'll make gardeners out of them yet.


Teacher Anonymous said...

I was so excited last month, when I was adding compost to the soil, to see many big fat worms living in my dirt. It was awesome!