Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A fabulous restaurant

Oh, Iron Horse Brewpub, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

If you're ever in Missoula, MT, make sure to stop by the Iron Horse and have a sandwich. I've heard that the rest of the menu is good, too, and I know that they have inexpensive pitchers of the delicious local beers... But the sandwiches! Oh, the sandwiches!

On my last visit to Missoula, the one thing I wanted to do while in town (aside from, of course, attend R's brother's wedding) was to hit the Iron Horse. We tried to swing by late the first night, but it was quite packed. When we tried to go again the next night, we found out that all the hubbub the night before was because they had had a fire, and the restaurant was closed. Luckily, it reopened in time for us to grab a bite on the way to the airport. I would have been quite disappointed if I hadn't been able to eat there, after such a journey.

My aim in life is to sample every sandwich on their menu, which is not a simple task. Not only is there quite a large distance between me and the restaurant, but they also keep changing their menu. This last visit I found that a sandwich I had previously eaten, containing a seared Ahi fillet, some sort of seaweed salad, and slathered with some type of aioli, had disappeared from their menu. Quite sad, as it was rather tasty, but I suppose a sandwich with seaweed really couldn't survive in Montana, even in a college town.

In conclusion: Try the sandwiches!

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