Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Recipe Review: Carrot and Rosemary Miniature Scones

Yesterday morning, watching the news, I was filled with the urge to do something. The news was scary and dramatic, but we weren't being ordered to evacuate. All we could do was wait, and it was making me crazy. We were trying to say off the roads and off our cell phones, as requested by emergency services, so the only thing left to do was cook. I made Carrot and Rosemary Miniature Scones. I happened to have all the ingredients right with me, which is probably why I chose to make them. They're fine, but not great. I don't think this will be a recipe added to my repertoire.

Some friends of ours who live a couple of miles from our house were evacuated and are staying with us. My sister has also been evacuated. She went up to my family's house, which is now in a voluntary evacuation area. The place I live is right next to a mandatory evacuation area, but for now is still a tiny peninsula of non-evacuation. Today is another day of waiting. What I'd really like to do today is make apple butter, but I don't have a food mill and we're supposed to try and conserve power, so I probably shouldn't heat up the house like that. Perhaps I'll just scrapbook.

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