Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday night doodles

My arm, the Zen garden. I definitely needed a bit of Zen, too. A whole day of parent-teacher conferences, while better than a week of them after teaching, is still a grueling ordeal. Particularly when you have as many failing kids as I have. Fortunately, most of the parents were fairly understanding. Seeing as their kids were turning in incomplete work, or none at all, most of the parents accepted the situation and resolved to make their kids make up the work (I'm pretty sure that's why they give the students Friday and Monday off after the conferences). I did have one parent, though, who really tried to shift the blame over to me. Yes, the majority of the class did fail the last test. However, it only tipped the scales to failing if the student already had a poor grade in the class, which meant that they weren't turning their work in previously, which explains why they didn't do well on the test. Hmm... whose fault is that again?

In any case, I think the previous test was really a case of the students figuring out what I expected of them (namely, to know the covered material), and the next one should be better. Coupled with a bit of in-class review and a study guide (plus the packets of make-up work that should be arriving from some students after the weekend), test scores should be on the rise.

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