Sunday, August 26, 2007

Flogging a dead meme

Yes, I know this was all over the blogosphere earlier this month (which was when I was actually tagged by School Teacher over at Bright Minds), but as I previously mentioned I'm not at all on top of things right now. If I'm replying to your post a couple of weeks after you wrote it, now you know why. Anyway, here's the meme:

List 8 random facts about yourself:

1. My whole family thinks I'm Asian, or that I want to be Asian. This is actually not true, I just find the cultures over there interesting. I actually find most other cultures interesting, but apparently studying Japanese in school and reading manga leads one to be labeled "Asian."

2. I don't know how to cook beef. With the exception of hamburger, the times I've cooked beef could probably be counted on one hand, possibly on one finger. This probably has something to do with the fact that my family almost never eats beef and not with any sort of objection on my part to eating beef. R has decided that it's high time we eat more beef, so I've laid before him the task of learning how to cook it. I just... don't really care.

3. I love home decorating shows and model homes. I'm somewhat ashamed of this, but at least I've hit a point in my life where it is a bit more acceptable. It was something a bit more odd in a middle school student. The nice thing about this is that it is one of the few things my mother and I have in common. We may fight about everything else, but we can have several wonderful hours together looking at model homes.

4. Writing the previous fact made me go call my mother. Okay, so I'd been meaning to call her anyway. This was just the final impetus to actually go and do it.

5. R and I have the same toes.
His are a little bit hairier, but they're still the same sausage-toes as I have. I find this inexplicably cute. We're toe-mates.

6. I've been working around a busted keyboard for several weeks and I'm really not sure when I'll wind up getting a new one. The shift buttons each have several characters they won't work with, but these keys vary between the left and right shifts. For a while I couldn't get into my e-mail account because I didn't realize that it just wasn't typing one of the letters in the password. Considering that this weekend I might finally replace my headset (for Warcraft) which hasn't been working properly since I got it (sometime last year, I believe), I don't think I'll be getting a new keyboard soon.

7. I secretly like rap a little bit. Not that scary stuff, but some of it I can actually enjoy. I'm sure B will be thrilled.

8. I suck at keeping in contact with people. I have an excuse this year, what with all the school, but I'm just no good at it anyway. I think, when I have a kid, I'll have to have a baby blog so that all the relatives can keep themselves up to date, lest they all be waiting for phone calls that will never come.

Since you all have already done this meme, I'm not tagging anyone, but if anyone feels the urge they should feel free.

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