Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It has begun

Well, I have now survived the first two days of school.

The first day... well, I think it can be best described in lolcat form.


R was very much afraid that I would come home and announce that I had quit the teaching program, and in all honestly, he wasn't too far off the mark. There was certainly some crying involved at one point during the day and the semi-serious consideration of the fact that bowing out of the program immediately rather than waiting a while would be much better on everyone, seeing as the kids had only had one fluff day with me and there are still interns in the teaching program in need of biology positions. The kids weren't even bad or anything. I just didn't feel like teaching was clicking with me - you know, all that standing up in front of people and talking.

Today was a lot better, though. Even though it was just the first day all over again with a new set of classes, I felt much more confident and a bit more prepared. If nothing else, I now feel that I can make it through the year.

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