Friday, August 24, 2007

My first test

Yesterday and today I gave my first test at school. It was actually a pretty cool test. Originally, being a fairly linear thinker myself, I was going to give them a test that plainly asked them what I wanted them to know - what quantitative and qualitative observations are and the steps of the scientific method. For the rest of the class period, I had planned on going down to the pond and having them practice making observations. One of the other interns had the brilliant idea of combining the two, which lead to a test where the students actually had to apply their knowledge of the scientific method and design and experiment to answer a question raised by one of their observations. An excellent idea, filled with higher thinking, which also wound up being much more interesting to administer.

Some of the answers, however, have been hurting my brain. The kids had to make quantitative observations, which, for all those humanities types out there, involves numbers. Here are a few common answers that definitely aren't sufficient for quantitative observations:

a few

Sorry dudes, those don't count.

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