Saturday, August 04, 2007

Think of it like a museum

Sometimes, I really don't get people. We were out snorkeling this morning and there happened to be a family of sea lions. We went over to watch, as did everyone else at the cove, but we stayed back so as to not freak them out too much. This one snorkeler, though, was going right up to them. They kept swimming away, but what kind of idiot does that in the first place? Doesn't he know those things can bite your hand off? Some people!

In other animal-touching news, we also spotted a smallish tiger shark (3-4 feet long). R and I spotted it, then our friend swam right up to it and appeared to be trying to touch it! Apparently he just didn't see it (nor did he get to, as he scared off the shark).


elise said...

Holy crap. So it's not so much that you guys WATCH Shark Week. You just go ahead and EXPERIENCE it. Yikes!

Teacher Anonymous said...

Yup. One other time when we were out swimming, the water happened to be very clear and the wave in front of us contained a shark silhouette. It was pretty exciting, but I definitely avoided any dark patches of water (all of which were seaweed) for the rest of that day.