Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Great Cover Slip Massacre of Aught-Seven

Yesterday and today I had my first lab. The students were looking at their cheek cells under a microscope. The whole thing went fairly well, aside from the fact that almost no one could find cells. I was not much help, seeing as I haven't used a microscope since high school. The lab really served to make the difference between the two classes clear. My 7th period class went fine, nothing broken or spilled. My 4th period class managed to break nearly every cover slip I had and several students (intentionally) dyed their hands with the methylene blue we were using to stain the cells. Apparently the prospect of permanently staining a layer of skin was far too exciting. To think my 4th period class is significantly smaller, too (but contains a lot more guys, which I think may be the issue. Guess who were dying their skin?).

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