Monday, September 17, 2007

The Project

I like food. I like to cook. I am, however, fairly lazy. I have so many cookbooks, but have hardly made any of the recipes from them. I've got hundreds of recipes in folders in my computer that have merely been looked over. This summer, I went through most of my cookbooks and marked the recipes that sounded good, but still I haven't tried them out.

I am therefore giving myself a task - The Project.

My plan is to try one recipe a week. All of my classes have yet to start, so I don't know how much energy I will have in the coming months, but if I even wound up trying one new recipe a month it would be an improvement. As means of keeping myself on track (and giving all my fellow lazy cooks out there the vicarious thrill of trying a new recipe), I will be posting the results of my experiments as well as the recipe, should you find yourself needing to try the dish.

This evening's recipe? Stir-Fried Chicken and Asian Greens.

The results? Bland. Not horrible, but nothing to recommend actually making it again. As R put it, "I can't believe someone liked this enough to write it down."

Ah well. Friday's tortilla soup should be better.


alyndabear said...

Love this project! I say post yer recipes if they're good ones.. I am going to need a whole stack of them for when I move to London this year. Eek! ;)

Kelly said...

I love food. And up until a couple of months ago, I couldn't even crack an egg! But, I am slowly becoming a chef. I'm making all sorts of yummyness!
This is brilliant! Let me know when you come across some good ones, then I can try them too!

Teacher Anonymous said...

When I find good ones I'll definitely post the recipe. I linked to this one, but it didn't turn out well so it didn't seem worth dwelling on.