Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Showing a little ink

Today I wore a scoop-backed shirt, which allowed the top of my tattoo to peek out. Now, at a lot of schools, visible tattoos are a big no, but my school is very relaxed and full of young teachers, so no one seems to care. No one on the staff, that is. My students were fascinated. I avoided answering questions about it ("That's an after-school question."), but it was still somewhat disruptive (it also renewed the guess-the-teacher's-age contest that has been going on in my classrooms). I think I'm either going to have to cover up or show it more often, so that the tattoo loses its novelty.

On the upside, one of the girls in my advisory class came over and quietly told me that she thinks teachers with tattoos are awesome. Which gave me an idea. Any of you all have pictures of teacher's tattoos that you'd like to share? I'd post them. We could have a whole series. It would be great.

So, yeah. Hand them over.


Do it.

It'll be awesome.


alyndabear said...

I love your tattoo! No tats for this wimpy teacher, though I do have a story for you - my favourite high school teacher when I was in school (ancient history) was renowned for his inking. He had a tattoo on the top of each arm PLUS a tattoo across his shoulder blades, and from grade seven we were always asking to check it out.. he finally gave in and took off his shirt at our Year 12 formal, haha. Classic. Good times. ;)

Teacher Anonymous said...

That's so cool!