Friday, September 21, 2007

Never was a Friday so needed

This was Thursday night's M.Ed. class. My concentration level was just about zero. To be fair, I had just given a test which nearly ended in student revolt. My students were just blown away by the questions, all of which were based out of what we had studied. Some even were refusing to describe the pictures of mitotic phases. Pictures! How could they not even try? That whole evening I wrestled with the idea of curving the test, eventually deciding that I wouldn't. They should know this stuff, so a bad grade is just a punishment for those who weren't paying attention in class (which many weren't). Since it looks like a couple of people in today's class will be getting As on the test, I feel quite justified.

Today, as I was driving to work, I suddenly noticed that the scenery seemed... unfamiliar. When I reached a sign for the next exit, I realized that I had missed my turn. It took me three minutes to get back to the freeway I was supposed to have taken. Apparently I was really out of it.


Anonymous said...

So I saw that picture and thought for an instant that you had gotten another tattoo... my first thought was crap, what kind of wedding dress is going to cover THAT?

Teacher Anonymous said...

Lol. I've just got myself a very good pen at the moment.