Friday, September 14, 2007

Little pick-me-ups

My wee sixth grade troublemaker managed to get himself expelled, which will make my life a bit easier. This will also make my other students happier (particularly the two girls who I had sitting next to him), as he was fairly uniformly disliked. Apparently he was poking other students with push pins and threatening to staple them, which would probably explain their dislike.

I talked to my mother recently. Apparently, after coming home at 9 pm, she cried herself to sleep on the first day of school. This probably has something to do with being involuntarily moved from kindergarten to second grade in violation of her contract (she's got seniority and one of the other teachers wanted to change grades instead). Still, it made me feel better that veteran teachers are also miserable when school get back in. Ah, schadenfreude, you're my only friend these days.

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