Monday, February 05, 2007


We've been watching the 3rd season of "24" and the technical aspects of the show have been drivin R a bit batty. Apparently, to someone who majored in computer engineering, it sounds like they just flipped to the glossary of one of his textbooks and started picking out words - without looking at the definitions. Even I notice that the things they say sound a bit odd, and I'm just a computer user. The upside of this whole situation is that I'm learning a lot about how computers work, because every time R gets annoyed by something they say he then has to pause the show and explain what he is annoyed about.

On the school front, the one AVID student that I have been tutoring in biology now requests me when they're assigning tutors. He also thinks I'll make a good teacher, better than his current biology teacher. Yay! Unfortunately, next Monday will be my last tutoring session, as I just got an e-mail from the head office that I need to come pick up my new assignment. Apprentice teaching, here I come!

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