Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A is for apprentice

I've just gotten my assignment for my apprentice teaching. I'll be doing sixth grade science in a school conveniently near my university. I'm happy with the assignment, as I've visited the school before and the place seems rather nice, but I'm slightly disappointed at the same time. I had been hoping to stay at the school where I am currently doing AVID tutoring (hoping against the odds, I might add, as they prefer to place us in middle schools). Admittedly the school where I'm being placed is in a very nice neighborhood and the class I visited previously was full of pre-tamed children, but at the school I'm at now the students have so much zest for life. I'm glad I won't be apprentice teaching at the school where I was last quarter, as the kids, though nice individually, would eat me alive. I know that the students I've been assigned to are probably a better match for me, but the ones I have now are just great. I've only been there a few weeks, but I'll miss them when I leave.

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