Friday, February 16, 2007

A memory of a dream

I woke up this morning and couldn't figure out whether or not R was teasing me last night. It could have been real, but it also could have just been a dream. I was in a strange semi-conscious state, so even if it was real it didn't feel like it. All I could remember was talking and him making fun of me for my utterances, which didn't seem like him at all, so I figured it was probably a dream. I finally asked him about it, and apparently it wasn't a dream, but the whole incident wasn't quite as I remembered it either. I guess I only became semi-conscious during the latter half of the conversation, as I had started the whole thing by mumbling something. When R asked me was I meant, I said something about lesson plans and dolphins. He kept asking for clarification, which must have been where my memory comes in, and I just became confused and frustrated, as I was making perfect sense in my mind.

This sort of thing used to happen to my best friend from school. We'd have a fight in one of her dreams, but she wouldn't realize that it was a dream until maybe mid-morning. She'd be slightly irate during the morning and I would be oblivious, which is what would usually tip her off that nothing actually happened.

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