Friday, February 02, 2007

Apparently they're getting to me

In my class on the sociology of education we've been discussion the stratification of society and how this related to the equitability of education. All this talk about unequal distribution of resources in a supposedly meritocratic system has warped my brain, as when I was talking to my doctor last night during my physical and she mentioned that the local school had a parent-funded foundation to hire art and P.E. teachers for their school district my fist thought was not "Good for them," as it would have previously been, but rather "Unequal distribution of resources!" I then proceeded to argue with myself over the rights of parents to fully utilize local resources (like money) and to secure a good education for their children.

In more exciting, less philosophical news, I am now 14 pounds lighter than I was last January (I don't own a scale, so the only time I get weighed is at my yearly physical). My LDL is also down (without changing my medication), so my doctor is really proud of me. Apparently my exercise has been paying off.

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