Friday, April 20, 2007

It's confession time!

Following Alynda's lead, it's time to share secrets and trivia about myself.

- I have a special ability to embarrass R. I often wind up telling these totally personal and inappropriate anecdotes about him, much to his humiliation. Over time, I've become able to tell what he will find embarrassing. Unfortunately, this knowledge only seems to kick in after I've spoken. Sorry!

- I'm a nervous talker. If I'm comfortable, I'll usually be quiet (also if I'm totally terrified), but if I'm put in a small group situation with new people I'll totally spill my guts (see previous revelation for greater detail). This is usually about the time I'll tell people that I've got a cousin (okay, second cousin) in Folsom Prison for murdering his mom. Somehow, that always comes up.

-I can eat cake batter and cookie dough (raw eggs and all) until it comes out my ears, but if I'm having eggs for breakfast they have to be solid (somehow over-easy eggs are excepted from this rule). I've been known to microwave scrambled eggs because they were too moist.

-I eat Peeps by the three-pack. I hope to some day impress/disgust my kids with this ability.

- I get really horrible breath if I eat certain foods (or sometimes for no apparent reason) which won't go away, no matter what I do, until I've had a night's sleep. Part of the problem is that R is just very sensitive to smells. Here is a list of foods I can't eat frequently, lest I be banned to the far side of the couch/bed:

*Hard-boiled eggs (even deviled eggs)
*Bell peppers (not that they have a strong smell, but he can smell it when I eat them)
*Alcohol (if R isn't having any. Even just having a beer with dinner, I'll smell strongly of alcohol for hours afterwards)


alyndabear said...

Mmmmm COOKIE DOUGH. I could just inhale a whole bowl of that right about now. Stupid diet! :P

That's funny about the breath thing -- I have terrible morning breath, but I'd hate to think it was all day. Poor you!

elise said...

Peeps?? Ewww!

Teacher Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's what R thinks, too. I've had people buy me trays of Peeps/Bunnies just for the novelty of watching me consume the whole thing. It's rather odd. I do refrain from eating the Peeps they make for other holidays, though, as the one year I ate them I did in fact get sick of Peeps.