Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The latest in queries

More words people used to find their way here.

people suck - Yup. I'm afraid it's true.

best part of teaching - My mom (also a teacher) has a magnet that says that June, July, and August are the best part about teaching. This magnet was obviously not made by a teacher, though, since half of June and August are taken up by school (doesn't get out June 1 in my area) and in-service. July, though mostly free, is filled with planning and continuing education classes. This is the best thing about teaching.

having a crush on a teacher - Unless you're a college student, just let it go man.

having a crush on your 6th grade teacher - Let it go!

1. what is missing from my life? - I believe we've decided that the answer is nudity.

secret clinical antiperspirant -free -ebay -coupon - My armpits are famous. Actually, I've been trying this stuff out and it seems to work pretty well. My sister recently told me about a new antiperspirant she's been using (the name escapes me) which is just excellent (this from a gal who picks out clothing based on how well it hides armpit marks). It only needs to be applied every other night, instead of every night, so I might check it out next.

slutty big booms teacher - Don't make me get out my ruler...

*edited 5:54 pm for clarity*

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alyndabear said...

Ha! People suck and MEAN people suck are two of my favourite phrases ever. I am a dork who likes to quote Roswell. :P

I haven't done any searches in a while, I'll get there!