Sunday, April 01, 2007

Phoning it in

I'm working up to a post with substance, but until then you'll have to subsist on funny pictures and some more odd keywords that have been used to get to my site. I've been having my own private Slayers marathon, so until I can unglue myself from the TV stuff just really isn't happening.

Can you believe this? [snicker] Apparently they have these all over the Midwest. This picture happens to be taken in my favorite little town, Missoula, Montana, which is also home to several cunningly named chain-store knock-offs: Kreate-a-Kritter and Junga Juice. Apparently they're so far off the map that no one ever sues for patent infringement.

I spotted this box while visiting a friend's garage. What stuck me as hilarious was not just the frugality of it (I'm a bit of a pack rat myself), but also how impeccably it was labeled. It takes a special kind of mind to do this sort of thing.

This picture is only funny because Obi just so extraordinarily fat. He's going to outweigh my nephew for a few months yet.

Now on to the recent searches!

tell i have a crush teacher - You have a crush on your teacher? Perhaps you should wait to tell him or her until your grammar has improved.

the evil side of the teacher - Mwahaha! You've found me out. I really hate you and that's why you're failing.

are you moist - Okay... I know what I was talking about, but I don't think that's what you were looking for.

power ballad wedding - There is someone else out there who is totally awesome!

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