Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Two incongruent systems

Let's talk about sharing, shall we? Now, when you're married to someone (or otherwise attached), you have to share things: living quarters, toothpaste, and, in particular, food. Obviously, you can have separate things, but there is a point at which is becomes silly not to share. My step-mom's second husband had separate food with his name on it, which no one else was allowed to touch. Now, ice cream is something that I can understand (R and I get our own pints of Ben & Jerry's, as there really is no other way), but there is a point at which one has to draw the line.

Once two people are sharing their food, however, the way in which they eat their food suddenly becomes an issue. Now, I'm the sort of person who eats what she likes best first. R, on the other hand, is the sort of person who saves his favorite things for last. This is a guy who, as a child, loved Cadbury creme eggs so much that when he got them in his Easter basket would save them all year, only to eat them the next Easter once he had received his new creme eggs. You can see the problem here. He'll be eating a sandwich, consuming all the edges in order to save a perfect middle bite full of goodies, at which point in time I will ask for a bite of his sandwich and (unintentionally) bite off the good bit that he's been saving. I try not to do that any more, but really, if I ask for a bite and there is this sandwich peninsula hanging out there, you know that is what I'm going to bite off.

The main issue now is when we get one of those big variety packs of mini candy bars from Costco. I don't dig though the bag for my favorites anymore, but I still am the one getting the better candies out of the collection. Even though we try to just work our way down the bag, I will pick the ones on top that I like the best, while R picks the ones he likes the least. Unfortunately, we tend to like the same candies, so we wind up slowly working our way through the bag, me eating the ones I like the most and him eating the ones he likes the least. It's pretty hilarious.


Lara said...

i'm cracking up aloud here. you guys are very silly people.

Teacher Anonymous said...

When we got engaged, my dad said it was great because we're "weird in the same direction."