Saturday, November 01, 2008

The day after

Halloween is a great holiday. R and I get to get rid of a good portion of our junk candy in one fell swoop!

Now, I'm sure you're wondering what the hell I mean by that statement. "Are you giving out years-old Laffy Taffy?" No, though I doubt time would affect that particular confection. R and I just have this horrible habit of buying candy at Costco. We wind up eating a few pieces and satiating our desire, then are stuck with the rest of the package. Worse still are candy mixes with flavors we don't like. We bought a box of Tootsie Roll Pops and it had all sorts of nasty crap. So what did the kids who came to our house get? Watermelon, blue raspberry, and lemon-lime Tootsie Roll Pops. Oh, and mint patties. We've also got a jug of those.

Apparently Halloween is also my opportunity to be mildly snarky to pre-teens. Particularly the older ones, many of whom don't even bother with costumes. I felt fine giving candy to the teenager who was taking his two little brothers trick or treating, but the same did not apply to the bevy of teenage girls escorting one slightly younger boy. "What are you?" I asked.
"A Power Ranger."
"Ah. So you all must be... his harem?" They giggled awkwardly. I only gave them one piece of candy each, even though I was eager to get rid of the stuff.


superkimbo said...

I appreciate the buying loads of candy and then not eating it all, as I sit here, gazing at my beautiful Thai "candy bowl" full of all sorts of garbage I seemed to have imported for myself from my last visit to the US this summer, and have, somehow, several months later, still not managed to eat. It all seems so much more enticing in the store....

Teacher Anonymous said...

Too true, too true.