Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Slightly odd

Now that I'm married and trying to get pregnant, sex has suddenly become a topic of conversation with my relatives. After so many years of even allusions to the idea that my boyfriend/fiance and I might have been intimate being somewhat taboo, the change seems a bit strange. Of course, we're not actually going around saying "we're having lots of sex" to grandparents and in-laws, but "we're trying really hard" is essentially the same thing. The nods of approval just freak me out a little.


Anonymous said...

Haha, just about as awkward as your mom asking you about which birth control you use the day before your wedding. That was priceless.


moonbirdliz said...

hahahaha. i hear ya. we just want to separate the concept of sex from our elders COMPLETELY, don't we? it's just too creepy, even for ME. you remember my story about my mom and the movies. ;-) so just think about that and it will be less troubling?