Sunday, November 23, 2008

Three pieces in the shape of a grapefruit

I underestimated the amount of time it would take me to finish my book, so Thursday before my computer class I was left sitting in the car with nothing to do. I wandered across the parking lot to the grocery store, where I saw the most perfect looking grapefruits. They were fat, blushed with pink, and a little soft. I bought two, sat in the car slowly eating one. Due to the statins, it had been about six years since I last ate a grapefruit, and this one was as delicious, juicy, and wonderful as I had been fantasizing it would be.

We decided to play Frisbee golf this morning. The kid in the group behind us was clearly playing his first game, and was very impressed by some of R's drives. He decided R was the Happy Gilmore of Frisbee golf, and started pestering him to make a Happy Gilmore parody movie involving Frisbee golf. Thankfully, he left about midway through the round.

R's mom recently came back from Ireland. As is the case when she visits her homeland, she brings back goodies that can't be easily found in the U.S., usually Tayto crisps and assorted Cadbury candies. During the course of the evening, crisp sandwiches came up as a topic of conversation. R and his family reminisced fondly, while I expressed my disbelief. I clearly am missing something.

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