Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Falling off the blog wagon

It is probably a good thing I already failed NaBloPoMo on my own, as otherwise the World of Warcraft expansion would have done it for me this past week. All my spare moments are spent running around a beautiful alpine environment.

The blogging also wasn't helped by the exhaustion I keep feeling in the evenings. Come 10 o'clock, I want to go to bed. Unfortunately, I've been going to an advanced AutoCAD class twice a week for the past three weeks and wind up getting home about 10 pm, which means that Monday and Wednesday are something of a wash. I've been learning all sorts of useful things, but it has been exhausting. It really gives me more respect for my parents, who both went back to school in the evenings to get they bachelor's degrees when my sister and I were little.

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moonbirdliz said...

rest up, sweetie. i know what you mean. my parents also both got their bachelor's degrees when my sisters and i were small... it's amazing. i can barely take care of myself while in school... heck, i can barely take care of myself NOW. keep it up!!!!!!!