Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A doesn't care about football

In my office building, a couple floors down, is a person whose office window is filled with anti-Chargers posters. Now, not caring about the team is one thing (I certainly don't), and liking another team is still perfectly acceptable, but hateful posters? That's just being a jerk.

The kids in my class last quarter were asking me about football one day, and it was really funny how they assumed that everyone watches football and follows one of two teams.

Kid: Hey Miss, you a Chargers fan?
Me: Nope.
Other Kid: Oh, you're a Raiders fan.
Me: Nope.
Kid: What?
Me: I don't really follow football.
Kids: Raiders fan!


elise said...

I started really liking football when I started playing Fantasy Football. It's so much more fun when it's a PERSONAL competition :)

lara said...

i wrote an entire post at some point about how i grew up sort of hating football but accepting that it was an inevitable part of my life (my dad was a coach), and then became and adult and totally started watching it all the time. crazy.

Teacher Anonymous said...

I can watch football (unlike basketball), but I'm just not a person who follows sports. You'd think my family would be totally into football, since my uncle used to play, but we're not. Well, except for my grandma. She yells at the TV during games.