Thursday, December 21, 2006

A isn't always hungry

People in my office are always giving me food. I'm not sure exactly what their motivation could be: I'm not underweight and I eat my lunch in the office, so they know that I'm not going hungry. Perhaps it is because I could be the child/grandchild of most of the people in the office, or maybe they're trying not to put on any more weight themselves, and instead feed me the last of their cookies. Sometimes, though, I'm just not hungry. Nor do I want anything to do with raisins, no matter how much you like them. I do appreciate the occasional roll of Pez, though. Now, if only they would stop offering me caffeinated drinks. I know I'm falling asleep, but I'm still not supposed to drink that stuff. On the upside, though, I really do appreciate the bottle of wine that my boss gave me for Christmas. Being over 21 kicks ass.

Oh, as a side note, do any of you out there know anything about Washington or the Seattle area? Any particularly nice places to live?

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