Saturday, December 16, 2006

A is paranoid about fire safety

I went into the bathroom at R's brother's apartment, and on the toilet I see a box of matches. Now, that might be normal in a girly bathroom with candles, but this was a man bathroom, with not a candle in sight. When I asked about anomalous box of matches, I then learned that they were for odors. "You know, light a match?" I was totally blown away, as I thought that was just an expression. Has anyone else ever seen this, because I have never before in my life seen a bathroom matchbox.


lara said...

yep, seen it in many bathrooms, actually. i even suspect some of the girls keep them in there for odors, but justify it with candles. that's a total guess, though. :-P

Teacher Jane said...

My ex-boyfriend actually taught me that trick, as his family (three brothers) kept matches in their bathroom and I never understood why. I've actually taken on the trick for myself, and also passed it on to my similarly stinky brother and father.

(Found you via Lara. Hi!)