Friday, December 22, 2006

A metablognition moment

What does one write about in a teaching blog during winter break? If I was actually teaching, I cold write about all the grading and planning I would be doing (or not doing), but, as I am still a student, I'm really not doing any of that. I suppose, since this blog has always dabbled in the personal, I'll just have to tell you about the books I'm reading, the trips I'm taking (and the ones I took before the semester started, which I have never managed to write about), and what I'm doing to fill the time between semesters. In future years, if I manage (I hope) to keep this up, I'll have more teacher-y things to say, more insight into being a teacher, but for now, I'm simply a student.

Oh, I'd like to thank Lara for the word "metablognition," as it really is the most perfect word for this sort of musing.


lara said...

ha! i'm glad you like the word. as i described it to someone recently, it's "blogging about blogging - it's metablogging." i still think that word is hilarious. :-P

superkimbo said...

Just found your blog and thought I would say hello :) I'm also a teacher, but I work in international schools, currently in KL, Malaysia. Looking forward to reading your stories of teaching in the US :)