Friday, December 08, 2006

A wedding music update

I was listening to the music for dancing while I was wrapping packages yesterday, and for the first time I was really closely listening to the lyrics of the song "Trains to Brazil" by the Guillemots. Turns out, it's about Muslim fundamentalist bombings. Might not be the most appropriate wedding music, but at the same time, will anyone notice? I mean, it's got a cool beat, so is anyone really going to be paying that close attention to the lyrics?


elise said...

You do whatever music you love at your wedding :)

Hey, congrats on winning in NaBloMoWhatevero thingie! I tried, but failed. I'm impressed.

Magpie said...

No one listens to the lyrics - play what you like!

Anonymous said...

I found some obscure songs on this wedding song list page.

All the best!

Teacher Anonymous said...