Friday, June 08, 2007

Family tradition

I'm a pack rat, from a family of pack rats. Even though I'm better than most of my family, due to annual moves for the past 7 years (really helps pare down the extraneous materials), I've still got the tendency to save things. Now that I've recovered my music, I've been going though it and getting rid of all those free songs I downloaded but don't actually like. I kept thinking, "oh, maybe I'll want it later," but I'm really not going to want the large quantities of rap that have made their way onto my computer (well, except for this hilarious song by some little white British rapper girl. It's so funny!). It's been hard, but I've actually been deleting songs (over 100 so far). It's a good thing, though, as all the cruddy music has also been making the good stuff harder to find. I'm finding music I didn't even know I owned!


Proverbs16three said...

Spring cleaning is therapeutic. . . even if it is on your computer.

Teacher Anonymous said...

Sadly, though, the minute I finished I wound up downloading a new free song sampler. [sigh]