Monday, June 04, 2007


People looking for someone else:

alynda embarrassing - Well, you're bound to encounter a blond moment or two if you scroll down Alyndabear's blog. I, of course, never do anything embarrassing.

blogspot lara teacher san diego - Lara is up at Stanford, you silly person. Look, Lara, I spelled your name correctly!

sean mullins sean mullins - By writing his name twice are you hoping to get even more Sean Mullins in your search results? New Super Sean Mullins, with 2x the Mullins-ness!

Questions I can't answer:

how to walk with mermaid dress - No idea on this one, which is why I won't be getting one. Styles that restrict mobility are stupid.

why is he so weird - OCD in my mom's boyfriend's case, but your mileage may vary.

seafood after surgery c section - I should hope you could eat seafood. The baby is out then, right?

smoke detector 4 chirps - I'm guessing it will chirp a 5th time, then a 6th time, then a 7th time, etc., until you put in new batteries.

The saddest searches ever:

ex died - Yeah, my sister's did, too.

my father passed away last saturday.until now, i have still remember many things and - I guess the thought was too painful to finish. [hugs]


Lara said...

ha! the sean mullins one made me laugh out loud.

i get some sad searches too, sometimes. i've actually been meaning to write about that at some point... thanks for the reminder.

alyndabear said...

I think it's about time for me to do some of my Google-age posts again because I have just been getting SO distracted lately. And because they crack me up, reading about them!